Valleys and Vineyard in Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina is a New World wine region that has achieved global renown. Its large temperature variations, due to the combination of its high altitude (more than 900 meters above sea level), alluvial soils, good irrigation, excellent weather and scarce rainfall throughout the year make it an exceptional terroir for producing wine. The alluvial and stony soil with coarse sand and silt provide optimal conditions which favor grape-growing.

The vineyards located in Primera Zona, the Uco Valley and Oasis Este enjoy the coolest climate in Mendoza Province, thanks to the cold air from the Andes Mountains, which results in the production of great wines, especially of the Malbec variety.

  • 3 Valleys
  • 12 Vineyards
  • 1.500 Hectares planted
  • 3 Wine cellars
  • 1 Bottling plant

Winery Trivento