Valleys and Vineyards in Chile

Chile is the oldest wine producing country in the New World. Its multitude of origins, together with exceptional geographical and weather characteristics, enable Chilean grapes to develop in an optimal way, obtaining aromas and flavors that help us to achieve the highest quality in our wines.

The country’s valleys offer an almost infinite variety of topographies, which are determined mainly by their proximity to the Andes Mountains in the east, the Central Valley, or the Pacific Ocean in the west. Viña Concha y Toro has identified and developed wines that are distinctive of their origins in different Chilean valleys, and is always searching for new terroirs capable of faithfully expressing each grape variety.

  • 10 Valleys
  • 57 Vineyards
  • 10.849 Hectares planted
  • 13 Wine cellars
  • 3 Bottling plants