Concha y Toro presents Bodega 1883, its new restaurant in Pirque

This month, Concha y Toro initiated a trial period for a new restaurant, where visitors can enjoy an incredible eno-gastronomic experience with the best wines and sustainable and innovative cuisine, in a first for Chile’s wine industry.

Don Melchor de Concha y Toro founded Viña Concha y Toro in 1883 in El Llano de Pirque. Today, 139 years later, in the same place that is home to Concha y Toro’s Pirque Manor House and gardens, which form part of Chile’s historical heritage and are a must-see destination for Chilean and foreign visitors, Concha y Toro is launching its Bodega 1883 Wine Bar & Restaurant, commemorating the year in which it was founded.

“Concha y Toro aims to create memorable experiences, so it makes sense for us to complement our offering at the Pirque Tourist Center with a high-quality restaurant such as Bodega 1883, where our wines are the protagonists together with honest food”, said Isabel Guilisasti, Vice President of Fine Wines and Corporate Image.

Ismael Lastra and Tomás Saldivia, chefs at Áurea Restaurante—one of the best restaurants in Chile—created a menu in which wine plays a leading role, together with dishes using seasonal ingredients produced locally in Pirque. “Wine is the protagonist, so we selected ingredients that can be paired very well with wine”, explained Tomás.

Bodega 1883 has paid special attention to innovation and sustainability. For example, the kitchen has technology which enables food to be cooked faster, with lower energy use and carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in a reduced environmental impact.

At Bodega 1883 everything is designed to ensure that visitors enjoy an unforgettable eno-gastronomic experience. The menu offers a selection of the best wines produced by Concha y Toro, Don Melchor, Almaviva, Cono Sur, and Trivento, either by glass or by bottle. These wines may be accompanied by delicious hot or cold dishes, desserts, and small pairing dishes suggested for each wine. The menu also includes coffee and pastries, as the restaurant will be open from 10:00-19:00, Monday to Sunday.

Concha y Toro presents Bodega 1883, its new restaurant in Pirque