Trivento is once again the best-selling brand of Argentinian wines worldwide

Based on a consistent positioning strategy and sustainable growth, our subsidiary plans to double its results and reach USD 500 million in retail sales by 2025.

Trivento Winery, Viña Concha y Toro’s subsidiary and synonym of high quality wines in Argentina, announced that it keeps the leadership as “the N°1 Argentinian wine brand by value in the world”- for the second year in a row- with over USD 270 million in retail and e-commerce sales. These results were presented in the last report from the global consulting firm of market research on beverage alcohol trend, IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, which was released in 2021.

“We work hard to position Trivento as the Argentinian brand that is most valued worldwide and this achievement shows us that we are on the right path. We have set ambitious objectives of growth by 2025, which are based on the recognition of the high quality of our products as well as the commitment of our winemaking team. We hope to have a significant growth in the main retail and on trade markets of Argentinian wine”, states Marcos Jofré, Trivento CEO.

A combination of multiple aspects. On the one hand, there is huge acceptance of Trivento wines, particularly Trivento Reserve, which offers the best Malbec in terms of value. For this Premium segment (USD12), the wine presents a distinguished packaging, with an iconic and elegant bottle – unique in the market- that features a 3D logo on the front and its distinctive silver band on the label. Everything is crowned by scoring high points.

On the other hand, the winery stands out due to a raise in exports (by value) to markets that are key for the Argentinian wine industry. Such is the case of the UK, where Trivento leads the category of red wines and in 2021 it showed an increase by 22%. The countries that are keeping the same trend are The USA, The Netherlands and Ireland, while Mexico revealed a growth of more than 50% compared with 2020.

“The success we have reached is the result of a consistent strategy over time, leading to strengthen Trivento´s positioning as a referent point of Malbec wine in the world”, states Felipe Rossel, Global Marketing Director of the company. “We will keep on working to speed up the process of penetration in key markets in order to double the income and reach USD 500 million on sales by 2025”, concludes Felipe Rossel.

Constant evolution

In order to keep a steady growth, which has characterized the brand in the last 25 years, Trivento has made important investments. Ever since it started in business, it has invested USD 126 million that have been destined to: 12 vineyards (with more than 1.650 hectares planted) and 3 wineries built with a capacity of 58 million liters and cutting-edge technology.

Another characteristic that makes the company stand out is innovation. “We aim at being at the forefront; that is why we keep on exploring new proposals all the time. A clear example of this is the release of the category of white Malbec, a unique wine that has shown to be a huge success among our consumers”, said Felipe Rossel.

Trivento is also a triple impact company. During 2021, it certified as B Corporation, becoming the largest organization in the agricultural area to join this community in Argentina. This is added to the initiatives that Trivento, The House of Winds, launched in 2013, which includes sustainability at the core of its business model. From then on, it joined the UN Global Compact and it has reported goals for sustainable development (ODS) by 2030.

“Looking ahead, one of our objectives is to keep on releasing wines that, apart from getting important awards by specialized critics, will be chosen by more consumers because of the unique experience that we grant on all our lines”, concluded Marcos Jofré.

Trivento is once again the best-selling brand of Argentinian wines worldwide