Concha y Toro volunteers in children’s garden of Puente Alto

More than 30 people participated in the activity, which gave a new look to “La Palmerita” kinder garden.

Shovels, pikes and hammers in hand. That is how the volunteering work of Viña Concha y Toro started at La Palmerita children’s garden in Puente Alto. With the support of Fundación Ilumina, responsible for organizing these activities, collaborators of the company contributed to the improvement of the yards and open areas of the preschool.

The different tasks were distributed among the groups, in charge of preparing the land for planting, cutting and sanding wood to make signboards, and assembling shelves for the greenhouse. All the volunteers worked with enthusiasm and determination to complete their tasks during the morning.


This volunteer work is part of the objectives set by Fundación Ilumina, who identified the connection with nature as one of the most important pillars of the curriculum for early childhood education. Despite this, there are very few kindergartens that have adequate green spaces to teach with and about the natural environment.

That is why the activity was aimed at building five open-air educational spaces, each highlighting important values ​​and connecting with the five senses. That way, children are expected to learn about patience in the greenhouse, about taste in the orchard and perseverance in organic recycling, among others. These new spaces will benefit the 106 children and 22 adults that make up the kindergarten community.

“We are very happy with the result of this activity, because many people made a valuable and concrete contribution to this kinder garden. We always want to be in contact with the communities near the winery´s vineyards, and this activity gave us the opportunity to help the development of the children”, explains Isabel Álvarez, Deputy Manager of Corporate Communications.

Concha y Toro volunteers in children’s garden of Puente Alto