A Memorable 2021 Harvest for Fetzer Vineyards

The California subsidiary of Viña Concha y Toro wraps up a successful harvest season, which will be remembered for its excellent work within its team and for its fruit.

The 2021 vintage for Fetzer Vineyards will be remembered for excellent fruit harvested from estate vineyards in Mendocino County and growing regions throughout California. Ultimately, the viticulture, winemaking and operations teams succeeded amidst the year’s unique challenges thanks to agility and adaptability—qualities they relied on throughout the season.

The 2021 grape harvest kicked off several weeks ahead of historic averages, following a growing season marked by low rainfall and a warm summer. Despite these challenges, the collaborative nature of Fetzer Vineyards’ teams led to a successful and memorable harvest, with lower volumes than in a typical year.

In particular, teamwork was essential when it came to determining the exact time to pick fruit, as the warm year led grape sugars to rise quickly, while grape acids were higher than sugars typically indicate. As a result, winemakers spent extended time tasting in the vineyards, which added a highly personal component to every picking decision. At the winery, winemaker collaboration with the lab team was also important in light of the unusual grape chemistry the year showed. Extensive testing allowed everyone to make informed decisions throughout the season.

As for the vintage, the naturally abundant acids in the 2021 grapes complement the vintage’s ripe flavors, creating wines with vibrant aromas and flavors, and mouthwatering freshness on the palate. “We’ll remember this vintage more for its excellent quality than for its growing conditions,” says John Kane, Vice President of Winemaking and Winery Operations. “When you get fruit this good, you always want more of it.”

This is ideal for the Fetzer, Bonterra and 1000 Stories brands, which aim for delicious wines crafted with early enjoyment in mind. Acidity is also a key to longevity, so we look forward to the collectible wines from Fetzer Vineyards’ California portfolio aging well and gaining even more complexity with time.

A Memorable 2021 Harvest for Fetzer Vineyards