Casillero del Diablo launches limited edition in South Korea

Concha y Toro’s flagship brand surprises its consumers with Dokkaebi, its new limited edition which is promoted through a campaign that combines tradition, mythology and modern art. 

The Dokkaebi is a Korean mythologic creature that is engraved on walls and doors in most traditional houses, temples, and palaces to help ward off evil spirits. It is a devil perceived as “protector of the special”, as well as the legend of the Devil and the wines of Don Melchor. This is why Concha y Toro’s Principal brand launched Casillero del Diablo Dokkaebi Cabernet Sauvignon, a new limited edition for South Korean consumers.

“Casillero del Diablo hit the pole position as number one selling wine in the market in 2021 and by combining Global and localised campaigns we aim to continue that momentum that Casillero del Diablo needs in the market”, says Nani Mulet, Head of Marketing APAC & Middle East, VCT Asia.

Korea is a challenging market, where brands are constantly looking for formulas to connect with the local consumers and create moments of engagement. Also, there is a strong trend of younger consumers increasing their wine knowledge and entering the category, attracted by appealing packaging and communication. “The Dokkaebi Edition has allowed us to combine our Wine Legend story with Korean traditions and connect with our audience through a deeply relatable presentation, full of Korean symbolism. The main target for this campaign has been the younger Korean consumer, however given the traditional elements and symbolism considered in the design as well as the visual content and music, we have been also appealing to older consumers”, Nani Mulet adds.

The campaign features a collaboration with Leenalchi, one of Korea’s most popular alternative pop bands, and renowned director Cho Gi Seok. We invite you to review and share the video on Casillero del Diablo’s Youtube channel.

Casillero del Diablo launches limited edition in South Korea