Casillero del Diablo surprises in Brazil with its new Devil’s Carnaval

This is the first market, after Chile, to receive this new product. It will be followed by Mexico and China, and will move on to other destinations in the coming year.

The staging left nothing to chance in Sao Paulo. The atmosphere, the lighting, the set design. Everything indicated that this was not a traditional wine launch.

And so it was. The more than 150 guests, including major customers and distributors from all over Brazil, as well as journalists and influencers, were surprised by Devil’s Carnaval, Casillero del Diablo’s new venture, which saw the light of day in Chile a few days ago.

A circus and festive atmosphere welcomed the guests who were imbued with the spirit of the new launch. In this way, Viña Concha y Toro’s main brand seeks to complement its more traditional portfolio with an innovative line of products inspired by the spirit of celebration, incorporating vibrant colors and a joyful attitude towards the world of wine.

The milestone of launching this new line in Brazil was not random, as it is the country of Carnival and synonymous with celebration. “The purpose is clear: to attract younger consumers who are currently outside the wine category. Brazil is the ideal market to start this challenge. We have the distribution, the customers and the market for it”, said Mauricio Cordero, Director of VCT Brazil.

This gave way to the tasting of the offer by winemaker Marcio Ramirez, who emphasized that a fresh and young proposal was sought, capable of being mixed with ice, orange or in any way the consumer wants. The reaction of the guests was unanimous: it has everything to be a successful launch.

That is why the expectations of the VCT Brazil team are high. “They already have stock in the market and expect to have a good reception during 2024,” Cordero added.

“Casillero del Diablo made its boldest bet in decades, which even involved the intervention of its traditional devil image from its bottles,” explained Casillero del Diablo’s Marketing Manager, Sebastián Aguirre, who was present at the event.

Cristóbal Goycoolea, Concha y Toro’s Corporate Director of Marketing, who was also present at the event, emphasized the importance of this launch for the company: “We want to attract new consumers to a segment in which other beverage categories have been leading, so that this line becomes a new growth engine for our brand”.

To meet this objective, there is not only a different proposal at the label level, but also at the message and product level. “There is always an occasion to celebrate and these wines were created precisely for those moments, it is not necessary to have a formal, elegant event or complicated pairings to enjoy a wine. Casillero del Diablo Devil’s Carnaval adapts in a great way with its versatile and entertaining proposals, focused on a young public between 21 and 35 years old, for whom the classic wine category can be complex”, complements Sebastián Aguirre.

The next steps for Devil’s Carnaval are to move into markets in the region, such as Mexico, and then to reach China before the end of the year. Next year it will move on to the rest of the markets, which are already showing interest in this new venture that promises to expand the category.

Casillero Carnaval was presented with four varieties:

  • Devil’s Carnaval – Phenomenal Sauvignon: It has an explosion of citrus and tropical fruit aromas, dazzling with a phenomenal harmony in the mouth. Wonderful to enjoy with all kinds of appetizers and celebrations accompanied with sushi or fish & chips.
  • Devil’s Carnaval – Spectacular Cabernet: Sensational black fruit aromas give way to spectacular textures that will captivate and envelop you. Great for pairing with all types of meats and cheeses, and perfect for celebrations with tacos, barbecue ribs or pizzas.
  • Devil’s Carnaval – Fabulous Red: Fabulous plum and blackberry sensations combine with superb mouthfeel. Unbeatable to enjoy with all types of meats and pastas, and ideal for celebrations accompanied with chicken wings, pulled pork or hamburgers.
  • Devil’s Carnaval – Fantastic Sweet: Enchants and seduces from the start, giving way to delicious sweet notes, along with a splendid harmony that will fascinate you. Fantastic to enjoy with all kinds of desserts, and celebrations accompanied with chocolates, popcorn or donuts.
Casillero del Diablo surprises in Brazil with its new Devil’s Carnaval