D.O. Puente Alto was launched in Brazil

In order to reinforce this appellation of origin, an event was held at São Paulo, where the new Marques de Casa Concha Heritage label was also presented.

At the beginning of August, a first and important step was taken in Brazil to position “Puente Alto” among the best terroirs in the world. During the event held at the recently inaugurated six-star Rosewood hotel in São Paulo, more than 70 guests including press, opinion leaders, customers, sommeliers and wine experts gathered for a Masterclass led by the company’s winemakers: Enrique Tirado and Marcelo Papa.

We also had the presence and interventions of Eduardo Guilisasti, CEO of Viña Concha y Toro, and Isabel Guilisasti, Vicepresident of Fine Wines and Corporate Image. Prior to the presentation, attendees were given an “Immersion Experience in Puente Alto”, where guests were treated to a sensory experience with an 8D audio-video.

The Masterclass was followed by a dinner with a menu signed by the Brazilian chef Felipe Bronze, Marques de Casa Concha’s ambassador in the country.

In order to reinforce this D.O., a new label was launched: Marques de Casa Concha Heritage. A brand that comes to celebrate the legacy of the company and also of Puente Alto. It joins the iconic Don Melchor wine in the mission to position Viña Concha y Toro as a producer of fine wines from some of the best terroirs in the world.

Puente Alto is a world-class terroir that is located next to the Andes Mountains and has an ancient formation with enriched and diversified soil profiles: perfect conditions for the development of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

D.O. Puente Alto was launched in Brazil