Delegation of Argentine journalists visits Viña Concha y Toro

The group of professionals, invited by Trivento, a subsidiary of Viña Concha y Toro in Argentina, traveled to Chile to learn about the latest news and innovations of the company.

As part of a tour organized by Trivento, a group of 25 Argentine journalists -of media specialized in wine, sustainability, economy and technology- was invited to have a deeper experience of the trans-Andean branch of Concha y Toro, as well as to travel to Chile to visit the vineyard facilities.

The tour began in Mendoza, where the group of journalists, coming from that same region and from Buenos Aires, met. Mónica Caamaño, Communications and Corporate Affairs Manager, along with Santiago Ribisich, General Manager of Trivento, welcomed them and made introductory presentations about the company.

Then, Germán di Césare, Chief Winemaker, led an exclusive tasting of the best Trivento wines for the journalists. The day closed with a meal at the Trivento Art Space.

Visita Trivento 6

The next day, the trip to Chile began, which had as its first stop the tourist center of Pirque. In addition to touring the park, the group had the opportunity to enter the manor house and listen to the presentations of Blanca Bustamante, Corporate Affairs Director of Concha y Toro, and Marcelo Papa, Technical Director of the winery.

Later, they had the Don Melchor Collector´s Experience, led by the sommelier Massimo Leonori, which includes a tasting of this icon wine of the company. In this instance, journalists were able to ask questions about the origin, process and marketing of the wine. A meal specially prepared by Martín Cosmelli, chef at the Wine Bar, was the perfect way to end the day.

The last destination of the trip was the Center for Research and Innovation (CRI), in Pencahue, near Talca. Gerard Casaubon, CRI´s Director, welcomed them and explained the origin, history and objectives of the center, inaugurated in 2014. Valentina Lira, Sustainability Manager, also spoke about the company’s initiatives in this area. The journalists took the opportunity to ask about the challenges faced in terms of sustainability, how has innovation supported these objectives and what are the projections for the future.

After lunch, the team of researchers prepared to show each project of the strategic programs. Then, they toured through the Experimental Winery, the Enological and Chemical Laboratory and the Molecular Biology Laboratory. At the wine cellar, the journalists showed great interest in the automated bin, which collects information in real time from the vinification processes. They also highlighted the work conducted with beneficial fungi for the treatment of vine diseases.

The day ended with a tasting of Diablo, a red blend recently launched on the market, by its winemaker Héctor Urzúa.

The tour, both in Argentina and in Chile, was very useful to communicate the achievements of Viña Concha y Toro as a holding company, the advances that have been made in terms of innovation and sustainability, and the experiences each new product brings to the consumers.



Delegation of Argentine journalists visits Viña Concha y Toro