Marques de Casa Concha reveals new image

The traditional brand of our Chilean subsidiary Concha y Toro reaches its consumers with a renewed image that seeks to express the nobility of its origin and its extraordinary quality.

Marques de Casa Concha, one of Concha y Toro’s oldest and most consolidated brands, today debuts its new image, after more than 40 years of solid leadership in the global wine

market. Since 1999, the line has not made any substantial modifications to its image, until now. is change looks to develop two clear concepts: expression of the nobility of origin and the extraordinary quality that has helped the brand position itself as a leader in the super premium segment.

In this way, the new image presents a logo that highlights the iconicity of Marques de Concha y Toro name, as founder of the vineyard, through a clean and simple monogram made by the prestigious French agency Appartement 103. 

The new label also embosses the Marques de Casa Concha name and gives greater protagonism by incorporating the signature of Marcelo Papa, the distinguished winemaker behind the brand. Meanwhile, the new image includes a description of the famous noble title on the wine capsule, along with Viña Concha y Toro’s traditional endorsement.

“In the design of this new packaging, we kept the monogram of Melchor Concha y Toro, as the founder of our vineyard and who inherited the title of Marques de Casa Concha from his ancestors. Beyond the noble title alluded to by the brand, the idea was to reposition Marques de Casa Concha as a wine with extraordinary quality that reflects our vocation as a producer of the highest quality in the international market,” explains Isabel Guilisasti, VP of Fine Wines and Corporate Image.

This new image rearms Marques de Casa Concha’s ongoing interest in representing the great diversity of Chilean terroirs, producing the most emblematic wines with a dynamic and  commitment to discovering the best origins for each variety.

Year after year, this mission has led it to attain important recognition in the local and international media, consolidating Marques de Casa Concha as the most highly acclaimed brand in Concha y Toro portfolio, and positioning it as a line that brings together excellence, tradition and avant-garde, making it Chile’s most iconic premium brand and one of the most emblematic on the global wine scene.

Marques de Casa Concha reveals new image