The Guiligan’s whisky celebrates its first year with sales above expectations

The brand, which was launched in 2020 by Viña Concha y Toro with the objective of creating premium brands that add value, has celebrated its first anniversary with 5,200 points of sale in Chile.

The Guiligan’s Distinguished, a whisky distilled and bottled in Scotland that stands out for its unique differentiating attributes such as distinction, vanguard and aspiration, has plenty of reason to celebrate its first anniversary in the Chilean market. The whisky, launched by Viña Concha y Toro to reinforce the company’s innovative nature and elevate its position in the spirits market, has enjoyed an outstanding performance both in terms of sales and recognition. 

“We have been able to position ourselves rapidly in the Chilean market with an attractive entry price, a distinguished product, and, at the same time, a disruptive nature”, said Niclas Blomström, CEO of VCT Chile.

This unique and distinguished whisky—which is the result of a blend of 10 exclusive malts selected from different regions of Scotland, made from first-class grains and aged in bourbon barrels—has captured the attention of consumers, as well as specialists and the industry. It obtained a Gold Medal in the renowned International Spirits Challenge 2021 in the United Kingdom.

The company’s disruptive and innovative nature is clearly demonstrated in this new brand through the various initiatives developed by its team. Six months after its launch, the Guiligan’s partnered with the Kross beer brand, marketed by VCT Chile, to develop a new offering: Kross 110 Minutos Whisky Edition, a limited-edition beer made 95% based on the Guiligan’s and the remaining 5% from other whiskies to emphasize the classic Scottish touch of smoke. This product has also been well received on the market.

Continuing along the same lines of launching disruptive products, the Guiligan’s forged a partnership with traditional pisco brand MalPaso, which is also distributed by VCT Chile, to launch Deux, a unique and exclusive blend of pisco with a touch of whisky.

“We are a versatile and distinguished whisky brand. At the same time, this type of partnerships enable us to demonstrate our capacity to innovate and the premium quality of our whisky produced with Ian Macleod Distillers, our strategic partner in Scotland”, added Blomström, who also noted that the brand is already working on new partnerships to surprise consumers during 2022.

The Guiligan’s whisky celebrates its first year with sales above expectations