Trivento presents new image for its Reserve range with an iconic bottle

In order to strengthen the brand’s main attributes and continue moving towards its premiumization, the Argentinean subsidiary of Viña Concha y Toro launches a new image for its Trivento Reserve range through an iconic bottle. 

In 2012, the Argentinean subsidiary Trivento initiated its premiumization journey, making major changes to its brands, including changing Trivento’s image and launching new packaging for its successful Trivento Reserve line. The aim was to strengthen and more clearly reflect the Trivento brand’s attributes: excellence, elegance, strength, trust and the spirit of Argentina. 

Today, almost 10 years later and having achieved major milestones, the winery has launched a special bottle for an exceptional wine. This iconic Trivento bottle proudly displays the “T” from Tres Vientos, an isologo which represents Trivento’s main symbol and epic origin. 

“This is a very important investment for us, as we are continuing efforts to generate a strong brand, and a clear identity focused on quality and excellence. This is something that motivates us, and enables us to take a new step towards an exclusive design for each of our bottles”, said Trivento Brand Manager, Silvina Barros. 

Trivento Reserve is the winery’s most successful wine line, with more than one million cases sold in 2020. The brand has also continued with major sponsorship deals, campaigns and point-of-sale promotions to keep bringing consumers closer to the brand. 

See the new image in this video.


Trivento presents new image for its Reserve range with an iconic bottle