Viña Concha y Toro again between the Top 10 of Merco Ranking 2018 and No. 1 in the Wine Industry

Along with the outstanding position, Eduardo Guilisasti, the company´s CEO, enters for the first time the Top 10 leaders with the best reputation, advancing three positions.

Viña Concha y Toro once again achieved an outstanding position and maintained its leadership in the wine industry. Thanks to the excepcional score obtained from the study (8,911 points), which considers the opinion of the main stakeholders, its performance and standards, the winery achieved the position N. 7 within the “100 Companies with the Best Corporate Reputation 2018” nationwide. It also maintained the first place in the wine sector, demonstrating its consolidated position and solidity.

Isabel Álvarez, Corporate Communications Manager, receives the award on behalf of the company.

Along with entering the Top 10 Ranking of Leaders with the Best Reputation in the country, the company´s CEO, Eduardo Guilisasti advanced three positions compared to last year, ranking 10th. The Chairman of the Board, Alfonso Larraín, also highlights within the Top 35 entrepreneurs who lead by their impeccable reputation.

“We greatly value the consolidated position of the winery among the companies that stand out for their reputation. Reputation is an asset of the company, which is managed and works systematically and permanently with a marked focus on excellence. The fact that such a varied sample of our main interest groups perceives us in this way challenges us to continue advancing in our vision, to become a global leader”, said Alfonso Larraín, Concha y Toro´s Chairman.

Merco Ranking and its Methodology

Merco was born in Spain in 2000 and is recognized as one of the most important reference monitors in the world for Latin America. It is a global assessment instrument that integrates the perception and evaluation of 24 stakeholders (16,936 surveys) compared with the reality of the merits in terms of corporate reputation, recognizing both companies and business leaders in different countries. The verification is performed by KPMG.

More details on the methodology followed to elaborate Merco, are available on the website



Viña Concha y Toro again between the Top 10 of Merco Ranking 2018 and No. 1 in the Wine Industry