Center for Research and Innovation participates in conference on Artificial Intelligence

Gerard Casaubon, CRI´s Director, and José Cuevas, R&D and Innovation Leader in Engineering, were invited to explain how the Center for Research and Innovation has implemented Artificial Intelligence tools and how innovation and digital transformation have been crucial in the growth of the company.

With more than 300 attendees, the congress “In the Age of Artificial Intelligence”, organized by América Economía magazine in Hotel W, brought together important representatives of various industries that are betting on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The audience and the speakers, from different countries, learned how AI ​​is changing the way of doing business, which are the companies that are positioning themselves at the forefront of this technological revolution and what social effects it will bring.

Experts in digital transformation and representatives from industries as diverse as retail, agriculture, mining and health, commented on how they have adapted AI, what challenges they have faced and how they have overcome them.


In the panel “Innovating with Intelligence”, Gerard Casaubon, Director of the CRI, shared the case of Viña Concha y Toro, which initiated this digital transformation within the company and that has been reflected in the implementation of tools, such as the IA, in several of its processes.

For example, AI models are already being tested to have a better prediction of harvest volume. Through satellite images and drone flights with multispectral cameras, it has been possible to evaluate more than 200 hectares, yielding a percentage of error in estimates close to 10%, much lower than the 20% or 30% that was previously obtained.

On the other hand, José Cuevas, R&D and Innovation Leader in Engineering, was able to delve into the application of AI in the wine cellar during his presentation in the panel “IA and Internet of Things”. In this instance he explained how the automated fermentation bin, a unique prototype developed by the CRI, is functioning, what data is being collected and how it delivers better results on wine quality.

“The conference was a good opportunity to talk with other industries about digital transformation and see how they are advancing in the implementation of various tools, as well as to communicate the forefront projects that we are developing at the CRI”, said Gerard Casaubon.


Center for Research and Innovation participates in conference on Artificial Intelligence