Center for Research and Innovation presented its first “Research and Innovation Expo”

More than 170 people had the opportunity to tour the CRI’s most important success stories.

Viña Concha y Toro’s Center for Research and Innovation (CRI) held its first “Research and Innovation Expo” at the company’s corporate offices, with the support of the Design Lab and Wine Business Experience areas.

This event, held on May 23 and 24, was an opportunity to showcase the CRI’s most emblematic success stories to Viña Concha y Toro’s teams, as well as to the media and investors. A total of 172 participants attended the fair on both days.

According to Álvaro González, Director of the Center for Research and Innovation, “The Research and Innovation Expo was a good opportunity to bring our employees, as well as investors and the media, closer to the CRI’s innovation cases. We have a great differentiating attribute as a company, a research and innovation center with unique global characteristics.

“We should all be part of this project, know it better, and communicate it with various stakeholders, especially our consumers and clients. We are very pleased with the level of participation and the reactions of all the attendees,” he added.

Among the success stories were Plants 2.0, which are plants free of the four most harmful viruses in terms of production and quality. These plants will enable better yields and a longer useful life of the vineyard.

Also presented were the tools SmartAgro, a digital platform that enables precision irrigation and harvest volume forecasting based on artificial intelligence, and SmartWinery, which assists the winemaking team in real time by providing predictive solutions. Diablo was also present as a brand that emerged since the CRI began using chemical-sensory analysis capabilities to measure polyphenols and aromas in grapes, wine, and oak in order to develop wines in the Radical Reds category.

At the Fair, Ecnólogy was also presented, a platform where you can tour different vineyards with the help of virtual reality, as well as learn more about the different grape varieties in an immersive and unprecedented experience. All of the above is supported by a Tasting Set composed of aromas, textures and wine color palette. Finally, the compost project was presented, where through a collaboration with Concha y Toro, Cono Sur and Viñedos Emiliana, the Center has explored new alternatives for compost production, increasing the efficiency of the process and the quality of the final product.

Center for Research and Innovation presented its first “Research and Innovation Expo”