Casillero del Diablo will plant a native tree for each Santiago 2023 parathlete

Each tree planted in this historic reforestation represents the legacy of each athlete who left their mark during the competition in our country.

After the resounding success of the Parapan American Games Santiago 2023 and with the objective of recognizing and honoring the outstanding achievements of the parathletes, Concha y Toro’s emblematic brand, Casillero del Diablo, will plant two thousand trees representing each of the legends who participated in the sporting event.

The reforestation is scheduled for mid-2024 and will take place in Pirque in the surroundings of the vineyards belonging to Concha y Toro, which has been noted for its environmental policy and ongoing commitment to sustainability. To date, it has actively contributed to the reforestation of approximately 24 thousand trees in Chile since 2021.

Sebastián Aguirre, Casillero del Diablo’s Global Marketing Director, points out that “we are happy to contribute to the legacy of the Parapan American Games in Chile. The planting of 2,000 quillay trees will be an indelible seal of the great achievements of the parathletes in this historic sporting event”.

Laura Jil, Head of Sustainability at Corporación Santiago 2023, comments: “This will be the first Parapan American reforestation in history, where each parathlete will be honored with the planting of a tree, symbolizing their efforts and remarkable triumphs. In addition, thanks to an innovative geolocation system, Para athletes will be able to track the specific location of their tree.”

Erik Rodriguez, an outstanding blind soccer player, shares his excitement: “Having a tree with my name on it is very exciting. Later I will be able to tell my son and grandson about it.

Mauricio Orrego, gold medalist in athletics, emphasizes that “not only do we want to be a sporting legacy for the citizens, but we also want to leave an environmental legacy. This project reflects our commitment to preserving the environment and creating a long-term positive impact”.

Camila Campos, double gold medalist in powerlifting, affirms that “the sports career does not end here, and the tree will also continue to grow along with us. So we hope that it will be a very good instance so that Chile does not forget us”.

Casillero del Diablo highlights this initiative that fuses sporting greatness with environmental preservation. The two thousand trees planted in honor of the parathletes will not only be a lasting symbol of their contribution to society, but also a tangible contribution to biodiversity and the sustainable future of Chile.

Casillero del Diablo will plant a native tree for each Santiago 2023 parathlete