We invite you to visit the new Sustainability minisite

Visit here the new Sustainability minisite of  the Viña Concha y Toro website. In this new section you will find details about the company’s sustainable initiatives.

Viña Concha y Toro has a new Sustainability mini site, where you can find progress in this area, information on initiatives, certifications and everything about the Corporate Sustainability Strategy “Uncork a Better Future”.

This minisite is a new way of providing information to our stakeholders, showing with transparency the progress and challenges we face in terms of sustainability. Through this new section, we hope to reinforce contact, provide more information and in a more direct way to our stakeholders, to finally make known in greater depth our sustainability management, which seeks to promote the company as an international benchmark in terms of triple impact and regeneration, beyond the limits of our industry.

“We hope that this new minisite will be widely used by all. We invite the whole company to explore it, to learn more and to send us their comments regarding issues they would like to see reflected on the page, because that way we can improve it. As a company, we hope to leave a legacy of positive impact in every area of our relationship with our environmental and human environment. This page is also a new area of relationship that we hope will be useful for the whole company,” says Priscila Fernández, Stakeholders Coordinator of the Sustainability Division.

You can find the minisite at vinacyt.com or directly at https://sustentabilidad.vinacyt.com/.

We invite you to visit the new Sustainability minisite