Center for Research and Innovation hosted Enoforum

This important international event was held for the first time in Chile and aims to present the latest innovations and scientific knowledge that best respond to the current challenges of viticulture.

Viña Concha y Toro, specifically the Center for Research and Innovation (CRI), hosted a new version of Enoforum, an international event that has been held for 20 years with great success in Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, and for the first time in Chile.

This event seeks to generate knowledge in the wine industry through public research, where ideas for new technologies usually come from; suppliers, whose R+D departments transform knowledge into innovations that can be applied on a large scale; and winegrowers and winemakers, who, as end users of the technologies, can give their opinion and propose new needs.

During this event, more than 30 conferences were held on winemaking innovations from around the world, conducted by experts in various areas such as agricultural engineering, robotics, biology, etc. During the two-day event, more than 130 people participated.

This event had a great impact on the wine industry due to the technical quality of the exhibitors, which brought together academia, industry, and viticulturists/winemakers, making Pencahue and the CRI the epicenter of the global discussion of the latest scientific and technological trends in viticulture.

Álvaro González, Director of the Center for Research and Innovation referred to the event commenting “We are very happy to have been the home of Enoforum on the Road in Chile, the largest international technical congress dedicated to the wine sector, which is in its 23rd year of existence and which comes to Chile for the first time to disseminate new knowledge and global technological innovations for the wine industry”.

“The intense program, which was addressed in two days, was attended by academics and researchers, entrepreneurs and suppliers, winegrowers, winemakers and other professionals. I thank Vinidea, for the close joint work, the International Organization of Vine and Wine OlV, the National Association of Agronomists Oenologists of Chile, and the R+D Consortium Wines of Chile, who actively collaborated in the development of the program of this event” he added.

Center for Research and Innovation hosted Enoforum