CRI collaborates in the development of technologies to forecast frost in vineyards

Through its Center for Research and Innovation, the company was selected by French institute Inria to carry out a pilot project named “Frost Forecast”, which will enable us to anticipate frost events in our vineyards. 

Viña Concha y Toro’s Center for Research and Innovation (CRI) has initiated a new project with French research institute Inria, implementing temperature sensors in our vineyards located in the Casablanca Valley to help forecast frost. 

This “Frost Forecast” pilot project, which forms part of the CRI’s climate change strategic program, will enable the company to obtain the necessary information to prepare for possible frost events using innovative technologies.

“A network of temperature and relative humidity sensors were installed in our El Triángulo Estate located in the Casablanca Valley, which will record data for a period of two years in order to developing models for forecasting frost events. This new technology and the information that it will provide is very important for us as winegrowers, as it offers us the opportunity to prepare for and address frost in advance, as well as the ability to determine how many frost events we might have in this vineyard”, explains Emilio Cuevas, the company’s Agricultural Manager for the Casablanca Valley.

“Through the Internet of Things, we have designed and deployed a low-cost, low-power and high-precision network of sensors that enable us to collect data on a micro level”, said Nayat Sánchez, Director of Inria Chile.

The company currently has various systems and techniques to protect against frost, such as frost fans that assist in stabilizing temperatures and spray systems, among others. These initiatives, together with this new technology developed in collaboration with Inria Chile, which is currently in an experimental stage, will provide benefits for the company in this area. 

Watch this video to find out more.

CRI collaborates in the development of technologies to forecast frost in vineyards