Viña Concha y Toro participates in WineFuture 2021

The company, represented by Almaviva and Fetzer Vineyards, was part of the third edition of the global conference that seeks to deliver solutions to the challenges faced by the wine industry. 

Between February 23 and 26, the third edition of WineFuture was held, a global conference that brings together important representatives of the wine industry, who on this occasion addressed the challenges presented by the pandemic, such as economic recession, as well as the climate crisis and systemic inequity. 

The online meeting was attended by Viña Concha y Toro, represented by some of its subsidiaries: Manuel Louzada, CEO of Almaviva; Rachel Newman, Marketing Vice President of Fetzer Vineyards; and Jessica Baum, Director of Sustainability and Regenerative Development at Fetzer Vineyards. 

More than 50 speakers from wineries, specialised media and industry-related organisations participated in WineFuture 2021, and were part of conversation panels distributed throughout the four days of the event. In the case of Almaviva, Manuel Louzada was part of the session “Waiting for the unexpected,” a session in which solutions were sought to current problems affecting the global wine industry, and strategies explored that can be established to minimise their impact. Additionally, Jessica Baum was part of the panel “Learning lessons from other industries,” and Rachel Newman participated in the closing panel session titled “The Future.”                          

“We are thrilled to have participated in WineFuture 2021, an international gathering of wine colleagues aimed at developing inspiration and solutions to the challenges facing today’s global wine industry. We believe it is important to lend our voice to forums where solutions to our greatest challenges – such as the climate crisis and Covid-19’s impact on the industry- are actively debated and shared, to help envision a way forward for all,” noted Rachel Newman, Vice President, Marketing at Fetzer Vineyards, about Fetzer Vineyards’ participation.

This positive meeting for the worldwide wine industry managed to share through a complete programme of webinars some of the solutions that companies, institutions and NGOs can implement to remedy some of the challenges of the health crisis that continues to affect the world.

Viña Concha y Toro participates in WineFuture 2021