Fetzer Vineyards Achieves Regenerative Organic Certification™

The California subsidiary becomes the world’s largest ROC™-certified winegrower, obtaining rigorous credentials for regenerative farming and social responsibility.

Fetzer Vineyards -California subsidiary of Viña Concha y Toro- announced it has achieved Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC) for all of its Mendocino County, California, vineyard holdings and winery. Fetzer Vineyards is the world’s largest winery to obtain ROC certification, which publicly debuted in 2020. With this latest achievement, Fetzer Vineyards continues to demonstrate the highest levels of adherence to responsible business and farming practices.

ROC is a revolutionary new certification for food & beverage, textile and personal care industries that assures consumers ROC certified farms and products meet the highest standards environmentally, ethically and socially. 

Certified at the ROC Silver level, Fetzer Vineyards has demonstrated adherence to rigorous standards across the program’s applicable pillars – soil health and social fairness – and committed to ongoing improvement, a core requirement of the certification.

“ROC aligns with and builds upon our existing approaches to soil health and worker fairness, and connects to and supports all 17 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—making this a truly comprehensive, rigorous and globally relevant standard,” notes Jess Baum, director of regenerative development and sustainability at Fetzer Vineyards. 

“The science supports the abundant connections between soil health and carbon storage, climate resiliency and healthy food systems—and regenerative organic farming is at the heart of this. At Fetzer Vineyards, we plan to continue building on what we’re doing at home, in our supply chain, and at the advocacy table to help advance a positive future for climate-smart agriculture, as we continue to drive scalable solutions to the climate crisis,” adds Joseph Brinkley, director of regenerative farming for Fetzer Vineyards.

To learn more about ROC, visit: https://regenorganic.org/

Fetzer Vineyards Achieves Regenerative Organic Certification™