The Washington Post Praises Fetzer Vineyards’ Climate Commitments

Article in key, mainstream U.S. publication spotlights companywide initiatives at Fetzer Vineyards and notable brand-level efforts from Fetzer and Bonterra.

Our subsidiary Fetzer Vineyards and select California brands are featured in widely read U.S. publication The Washington Post, in an article titled “What it takes for a winery to earn a Climate Neutral certification.” The Washington Post coverage, which syndicated to a number of other high-reach US publications this month, is estimated to have reached upwards of 67 million readers.

The feature article follows an interview with Jess Baum, Director of Regenerative Development & Sustainability for Fetzer Vineyards, and describes pioneering companywide initiatives and brand-level efforts that collectively position the company as a leader in climate-smart business practices. Notably, author Dave McIntyre highlighted Bonterra’s Beyond Clean initiative, and Climate Neutral certifications for Bonterra and Fetzer as key examples of climate-smart initiatives consumers can experience.

Brand-level climate footprinting and verified regenerative farming practices factor as well in the coverage, with the author underscoring how the company is leading the way for the wine industry and consumer awareness.

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The Washington Post Praises Fetzer Vineyards’ Climate Commitments