Viña Concha y Toro will support the early education of 1,500 boys and girls, together with Fundación Educacional Choshuenco

The agreement, signed on Wednesday, August 10, aims to share the foundation’s technical teaching model in kindergartens in the communities where Viña Concha y Toro is present.

In a ceremony held at Jardín Infantil Manitos Pequeñas kindergarten in Lontué, Molina Municipality, Viña Concha y Toro announced a recent agreement with Fundación Educacional Choshuenco to support the educational development of close to 1,500 boys and girls from the communities where the company is present in Chile.

“Children are probably those who were most affected by the pandemic and confinement, as they missed out on interacting with their peers, learning opportunities, and contact with nature. This awoke a deep concern in us, and we wanted to do something and make a difference together with Fundación Educacional Choshuenco, with which we share the values of excellence, passion, holistic development, and the desire to make a real contribution to the communities we form part of”, said Eduardo Guilisasti, CEO of Viña Concha y Toro.

In total, 25 education centers located in Pirque, Chimbarongo, and Molina will apply the foundation’s learning methodology, which involves both the institution’s team and students’ families, with the delivery of materials and ongoing training. “Our overarching objective is to learn and foster high-quality education from early childhood, where parents are at the center as primary educators, and the kindergarten acts in a complementary way to educate children. This public-private partnership is the sort of initiative we want to promote, because we are convinced that it will help all municipalities to continue improving”, said Beatriz Von Appen, Director of Fundación Educacional Choshuenco.

“Coordinated efforts that can be made between public-sector institutions and private companies are of great importance, and for that reason we would like to thank Viña Concha y Toro and Fundación Educacional Choshuenco for their contribution to training the teams that we have in 11 kindergartens. This really complements all of the investment we’re making in educational facilities, in order to provide a better quality of life and better service to children where it is so desperately needed”, said Priscilla Castillo, Mayor of Molina Municipality.

Viña Concha y Toro will support the early education of 1,500 boys and girls, together with Fundación Educacional Choshuenco